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Business analysis is the foundation of all organizational change and automation. A comprehensive analysis of business processes and organizational goals are essential in the process of defining problems to be corrected as well as executing superior solutions for productivity. It is vital to ensure the appropriate business objectives are in the forefront of all business enhancement project..


Value-Based Management (VBM) methodology ensures IT service planning, management and delivery responds to organizational needs effectively and cost efficiently. It also helps eliminate the waste that so often occurs with errant and misdirected IT initiatives. Creating a clearly articulated service catalog that demonstrates the value of your services and more efficiently manage their delivery. Charting ITSM roadmaps and ITIL-based service improvement strategies to ensure your IT infrastructure and services are matched to business needs – and continually improve to meet those needs as they evolve.


Good project management derives true value from your IT initiatives. All project are not the same in fact it can be quite different, but there are some unique characteristics are consistent among project, it is important to understand that implementation needs to be "right size" according to the projects and business needs. These are key aspects to follow and must be understood when following PMI standards when implementing a project. A complete approach (understanding the business requirement, technical approach and customer needs) to have a successful Project Implementation.


Improving efficiency is to measure and evaluate all of your processes and systems. This can be done through information collection followed by careful research and analysis. All this should be done in order to maximize your investments in you business.