Durden Consulting is a technical consulting group of people dedicated to delivering best-value services and solutions based on innovative applications of business and technology.

We commit to exceeding our customers' expectations for quality, responsiveness, and professional excellence while delivering within the agreed price and schedule. We maintain the highest standards of ethical behavior and professional integrity. We employ people of exceptional creativity, expertise, and determination who work closely with one another and with our customers. We pursue technical growth and market diversification to increase value for our customers and opportunity for our employees. We foster a working environment that encourages technical objectivity, professional and financial growth, and entrepreneurial freedom.


How we achieve our mission is as important as the mission itself. Here are Durden Consulting core values that are the guides by which we navigate:

Technical and Professional Excellence

We want to perform superior technical work. We demonstrate thought leadership and innovation through world class engineering and technology.

Customer Success

We define our success by our customers' success. We are committed to delivering quality, meeting expectations and satisfying customers.

Ethics and Integrity

Ethics is our foundation and constant commitment — unchanging and unwavering. We are accountable to lead by example and uphold the highest standards of integrity.

Entrepreneurial Freedom with Responsibility

Our employees are empowered to be entrepreneurs, and to take balanced risks.Durden Consulting provides employees with the freedom to pursue their interests and professional careers. We are responsible for successfully executing our business.

Culture of Ownership

Our employee ownership culture is the cornerstone of Durden Consulting. Employees who act like owners contribute significantly to our success. Ownership builds employee satisfaction, commitment and retention — and these attributes are directly linked to customer satisfaction and a long term career at Durden Consulting.

Importance of the Individual

Durden Consulting people are our most important asset — we hire those with high capability and potential. We value the skills and expertise of a diverse work force. We strive to provide each person with the freedom to grow personally and professionally. We have a say in the management of our Company.